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Are there any Audio books?

I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any audio books of hanoo no mirage [mirage of blaze] ? or if any fans have recorded reading the books out-loud?

there is a new translation device coming to market soon, that will take audio and translate language as you hear it, making communication between you and someone else of a foreign language can make talking to and communicate with each other, listening and translating at the same time as the two people speak to each other. http://www.waverlylabs.com/

i don't know how much the device will be and if it becomes affordable I know I will be purchasing it and whatever audio novels of my favorite japanese novels I can find and listen to them with the translation device. if the device works and is affordable I know I will transcribe whatever I am hearing into a file and make it available to read.

I am on the look out for audio novels of hanoo no mirage [mirage of blaze] and Kyou Kara Maou and the 12 kingdoms.

I don't know if that is the same thing as audio drama/ drama cds?
thank you for any assistance,
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